In the morning, during the closed session of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council, Volodymyr Kunitsyn, council member, director of the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, stated that there were enough of discussions, now actions should be taken, but when Western Ukraine wants it so, East and South of Ukraine, where the donor regions that voted for Yanukovych, should become an autonomy or a federation, the journalist initiative `Truth Will Win` informs. The proposal was supported by 39 out of 44 council members present.

In his turn, during the special session of the regional council, Volodymyr Yatsuba, head of the regional state administration, called the `Yushchenko`s Western investors` to stop intervening in the internal affairs of Ukraine. He pointed out to the fact that Dnipropetrovsk region had made its choice: 63.61 percent of voters gave their votes to Yanukovych; therefore, it is interests of the majority that should be defended now. Mr. Yatsuba proposed to recognize the result legitimate. This proposal was seconded by the majority.

Mass media that, among other news, cover position of the Yushchenko`s supporters were not admitted to the session.

Source: Journalist Initiative `Truth Will Win`