Presidential Oath sworn by Viktor Yushchenko on November 23 does not comply with the procedure described in the Constitution, Oleksandr Lavrynovych, Minister of Justice, believes.
According to the Constitution, the President should adjure during the ceremonial Parliamentary session which is not what happened on November 23, the official reminded.
The protest action, which are still taking place in Kyiv, may be legal but only if they they do not block traffic or city activities, the Minister of Justice also stated.
Lavrynovych believes recognition of Yushchenko as the President by the regional and city councils to be illegitimate, the official also announced.
Yesterday, in the Parliament, Yushchenko pledged an allegiance to the Ukrainian nation and swore to defend the rights and freedoms of the citizens. At the moment, when Yushchenko got ready to swore the oath, the Speaker of the Parliament closed the session.

On November 22-24, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regional councils, as well as Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia, Ternopil, Rivne, Vyshhorod, Sambyr, Drohobych, Truskavets, Stryi city council recognized Yushchenko the President of Ukraine.

Source: Information Agency `Ukrayinski Novyny`