Deputies empowered to act for Yushchenko have prepared 11 112 acts about violation of electoral low. This information was declared by deputy Mykola Katerynchuk, informed press service of `Our Ukraine`.

According to the Ukrainian low `About Election of the President of Ukraine` low violations, which took place on November 21, 2004 year, can be complaint in city`s courts and Court of Appeal, and also complains can be directed to the Local Voting Commities, Territotial Voting Commities, and Central Voting Commity.

Keterynchuk remind that the term of comlaint, by the electoral low, should be made not later then one day after the voting day and it is 12 A.M., November 22, 2004 year.

Specefically, directed 1478 appeals to the courts, 1402 appeals directed to the LVC, TVC and 661 appeals directed to Office of Public Prosecutor.