More then 150 diplomates signed a statement in which they appeal to count Victor Yushchenko as elected President of Ukraine.

`We can`t tacitly observe the situation which can put under the question the democratic development of Ukraine, waste a long time struggle of our nation in the way of becoming Europian nation, and let it pappens that country will get under international isolation`, part of the statement which was made pablic by Markijan Lubkivskyj, official speaker Ministry of Internation Affears.

`We all understand that our country must have as a lider person who have real support and real trust among Ukrainian people, and whom moral authority will be attributive for strengthening of image ang role of Ukraine in the world` - declared in the statement.

Diplomats who sign the statement declared the intention to perform their duty honestly and professionaly.

Source: Journalist`s initiative `Truth win`