November 23 in 12 P.M. in the town of Malyn, Zhytomyr region took place the big demonstration on support of Victor Yushchenko. Inform press centre of `Our Ukraine`.

The activists of Yushchenko`s cadre, independent members of voting comitty informed sitizens about violations in the second round of elections.

The people expressed ther indignation in the case, that have happend at the voting place #10, where young people in black mask assaulted the voting place using weapons. Insindent finished up with causalities. Criminals were detained.

Officials haven`t showed up, but some deputies of the local City Hall expressed their support to the protesters and promise to convoke a special session.

Protest will continue every day at 12 P.M.

From November 24 habitants of Malyn plane to departure to Kyiv where they will participate in mass protest action.

Source: Preess centre of `Our Ukraine`