In this moments at the central square of Dnipropetrovsk is going on a big demonstration on the support of Victor Yushchenko.
The organizers of demonstration informed that to the squere, near teatre, come near 20
thousands of people. They have to scan `Yushchenko!`, `Motherlend is in denger`.
The demonstrators have flages of Socialists Party, Green Party of Ukraine and opposition`s flag `Yes`.
The men that get out from the group of protesters went on the building of the teatre of Opera
took down a big poster `Dnipropetrovsk support Yanukovych`. People supported this action. `A sitizens can`t agree with such a slogan. People of Dnipropetrovsk are together with Kyiv!`, - said a correspondent.
The security make an attempt to detain a man, who took down a poster, but the protesters pretected him.
Aside of this case people strewed with the eggs bigbord `We support Yanukovych!`

Police is not taking any actions about.