Starting with November 24, a public campaign `Pora` is beginning the termless national student strike demanding to publicize honest results of the Presidentila elections in Ukraine, Vladyslav Kaskiv, coordinator of the public campaign `Pora`, announced today during the press conference in the Open Independent United Information Center `New Choice - 2004`.
According to the official statement of the `Pora`, `Pora` believes any negotiations with the reprepresentatives of illegitimate power regarding attempts of coup d`etat in Ukraine to be intolerable.
`Pora` confirmes the Ultimatum to the CEC demanding to publicize the official election results no later than November 23, 2004, that was made public earlier. By the end of this term, the public campaign `Pora` is intending to turn to special measures of civic disobedience. At that, all activities of the organizations stay within the framework of the legislation and Constitution of Ukraine. Therefore, `Pora` is announcing the national student strike which will be taking place until `the honest election results` will be announced.
`Pora` also addresses law-enforcing organizations demanding to refuse submitting to `illegal orders of the unconstitutional power and to immediately come over to the side of the nation`. Besides, during the press conference, Kaskiv announced that the `Pora` initiative had been supported by the representatives of creative youth and journalists.
The resolution presented during the press conference Ihor Pelekh, journalist, ICTV, states that, `by joining `Pora` action of public disobedience, we not only express the public position, but also call the youth to ignore intimidations of the power, to stand up to the national choice and to struggle for freedom of expression of will`.
`We are ready to develop informational and mobilizating product to support young activists from `Pora` who develop their rights in the tent city in the Independent Square`, the resolution declares. Pelekh also pointed out that he strongly believe that at the present moment it is an objective of each person `who might have any influence upon the audience, because this person is often on TV or in the newspapers, is first of all to determine his or her position for him/herself, on whose side s/he is and where is her/his place`.

Source: Institute of Mass Information