On November 21, 2004, a power criminal scenario to change the President of Ukraine, which bore only external resemblance to the electoral process, was implemented in Ukraine, experts in the sphere of the election legislation. `At the 2004 Presidential elections, has been implemented the most large-scale falsification of the expression of will of the nation. According to our calculations, falsification totalled to 2 mln 800 thousand votes in the least`, the experts, Oleksy Koshel, CVU Deputy Head, and Andry Duda, CVU expert on political and legel issues, announced during the press conference in the Open Independent United Information Center `New Choice - 2004`.

According to the experts, articles 157, 158, 159, 364, 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine were violated. There were indicators that actions of approximately 85 thousands officials were of criminal character. `We believe that more detailed information about real scale and techonologies of falsification we will receive during the cross-examination of V. Medvedchuk and V. Yanukovych`, the experts stated.

At the same time the experts point out that the 2004 national revolution should have legitimate mechanism to solve the crisis of power. `We believe that the most optimal mechanism is for the CEC to take decision to oblige the TECes to carry out the second vote count and to consider appeals from the polling stations in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv regions. Since a number of violations during voting exceeds 10 percent, as a result of such decision, elections at a majority of polling stations in those regions should be recognized void`, the experts announced. Besides, the CEC should recount a number of the absentee certficates and examine their use, as well as compare a number of the absentee ballots given out at the polling station and a number of the absentee ballots used during the voting inside Ukraine and at the foreign polling stations.

The current President of Ukraine, O. Koshel and A.Duda believe, should give a commission to the Office of the Public Prosecutor General of Ukraine to institute a criminal cases against the officials involved in the systematic falsifications.

Source: Open Independent United Information Center `New Choice - 2004`