On Tuesday, Nov. 22, Russian Parliament refused to discuss a draft of an appeal to the Parliament of Ukraine related to the recent events in Ukraine. Oleksy Ostrovsky, representative of the factions of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, made a proposal to include consideration of such document into the agenda. According to the official, at the present moment, in Ukraine `there is a struggle for the base for NATO, not for the Presidency`. `Western special services invested huge money in victory of Viktor Yushchenko`, the official added and proposed to adopt an appeal to the Parliament of Ukraine with a request `not to give fall for provocations of the Western special services`. Viktor Iliukhin, MP, representative of the Communist Party, opposed the proposal. Iliukhin`s opinion was seconded by Andry Kokoshyn, head of the Committee for CIS, who pointed out that consideration of such appeal would be untimely and proposed the colleagues to abstain from supporting Ostrovsky`s initiative.