World Congress of Ukrainians and its affiliated organizations in 30 countries, which sent observers to monitor the Presidential elections in Ukraine, stated that `even if the CEC announced Viktor Yanukovych the President, it still would not be possible to recognize him the President elected by the nation`. At the same time, in the statement directed to UNIAN, the Congress announced that Viktor Yushchenko won inspite the violations.
250 international observers from the World Congress of Ukrainians and Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, affiliated organization of the Congress, which also includes the representatives of the Congress of Ukrainians of Canada. `Inspite of the final result of the elections to be publicized the CEC, today it is already clear that even in the CEC calculations, the number of votes given for both candidates is really close, and that is why we believe that the violations, which took place in favor of candidate V. Yanukovych, influenced the result submitted to the CEC`, the Congress pointed out.
`Ukrainian diaspora coordinated by the World Congress of Ukrainians congratulates Viktor Yushchenko with victory and is ready to serve him for the good of our nation and for the good of the independent democratic Ukrainian State`, points out the statement of the Congress.