The Coalition `People`s Power` initiated changes in the Central Election Comission staff due to violation of the election legislation, as well as the oath, by its members, the candidate for Presidency Viktor Yushchenko announced today during the meeting with the foreign ambassador, UNIAN reports. According to Yushchenko, the coalition developed a draft of the special session of the Parliament of Ukraine which should consider the issues of violations of the law of Ukraine on the Presidential elections. `We developed a corresponding draft and submitted it to the Conciliatory council which is taking place at the present moment`, Viktor Yushchenko stated. `In this draft, we suggest annoucing a votum of no-confidence and to make changes in its staff due to violation of the oath by the CEC members and violation of the election legislation and the Constitution`, he informed the ambassadors. According to Yushchenko, at the present moment, the Conciliatory council debates this issue. He promised to inform the representatives of the foreign countries on the related events.