Due to mass rallies against the falsification of the elections of the President of Ukraine and improper organization of the elections, the special session of the Kyiv City Council took a decision to annouce a votum of no confidence to the Central Election Commission and to address the members of the Parliament of Ukraine with a request to not recognize the result of the preliminary vote count

According to UNIAN, 75 out of 82 members of the Kyiv City Council, present at the session, voted for this decision.

Besides, the Kyiv City Council proposed its colleagues in the Parliament to announce votum of no trust to the Central Election Commission as well as to oblige the Kyiv City State Administration to provide for appropriate conditions to conduct rallies in Kyiv and to protect public order.

Also, by its decision the Kyiv City Council obliged the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv and raion departments of militia to provide for security of teh participants of peaceful rallies and civic order in the capital.

The Kyiv City Council directly charged Oleksandr Milenin, Head of the Kyiv city militia, who, as some members of the Kyiv City Council believes, unlike his subordinates `acted destructively` during the voting at the Presidential Election in Kyiv, with this responsibility.

In this regard, in his concluding remarkd, the Kyiv city mayor Oleksands Omelchenko informed the members of the council that he had already signed an ordinance in which he charged O. Milenin with presenting the report on activities of the Kyiv militia during the nearest session of the Kyiv City Council.

Besides, the members of the Kyiv City Council stress that they support expression of will of the Kyiv citizens and confirm that, in spite of violation at some polling stations, in general the Presidential elections took place honestly and democratically in full correspondence with the Law of Ukraine on the elections of the President of Ukraine.

Volodymyr Bondarenko, MP, head of the Kyiv city headquarters of Viktor Yanukovych, who was present at the Kyiv City Council session, called the Kyiv mayor and members of the Kyiv City Council to go to the Kyiv citizens in person and to support them in the protest rally.