Lviv City Council took a decision to recognize Viktor Yushchenko, leader of the `Our Ukraine` party block, the President elected during the second round of the elections on November 21 and decided to implement his decisions and orders. This decisio of the Lviv City Council was supported unanimously by the 68 members of the council present (a total number of the council members is 90).

Lviv City Council also requests the Central Election Commission to cancel the results of the elections at all polling stations where, violating the law of Ukraine `On the Presidential Elections in Ukraine`, the observers or the commission members from the Yushchenko block were not admitted to the polling stations and to call for account every person guilty of violations. Lviv City Council has also decided to establish the committee to protect the Constitution in Lviv region.

The City Council greeted Yushchenko with his election as the President of Ukraine. It has also addressed all local self-governmental bodies of Ukraine to support Yushchenko and to recognize his the President.