It is possible that the army will join the nation in the situation of national mobilization of the citizens who will defend their choice, Oleksandr Sushko, politologist, director of Center for Peace, Conversion and Foreign Affairs, believes. `The fact that approximately 100 thousand persons joined the rally is not a surprise to anyone and will hardly make someone take critical steps. But when the action becomes continuous and really nation-wide, then it is possible to expect that not only army but also state and power structures will join the nation. If a halfmillion to million people come together and there is definite support of the international community as well as other positive factors, I do not leave out a possibility that then it is possible that such scenario will take place by the end of the week`, Sushko stated.

However, Mr. Sushko stated that this is not an easy task; to achieve that, it is necessary to demostrate `all seriousness of what is happening`. `So far we are taking about the beginning of the action. And that is why I would not discuss such prognoses at the present moment`, he said. The situation should come to its conclusion during the next few days, during this week, Oleksandr Sushko pointed out, but it is quite hard to organize such mass events, to mobilize huge numbers of peopel.
`The problem is that Kyiv cannot provide more that 100 or 200 thousands of active population. We need at least 500 thousands from the regions. But it is hard to organize it all; even if there are no obstacles as organized by the administrative structures, Ukrainian transportation is not sufficient to move 500 thousands persons to Kyiv in one day`, Oleksandr Sushko stated.