In Lutsk, a rally to support Viktoy Yushchenko has started, Media Center `Candidate` announced. Approximately 15 hundred persons, mostly pensioners and students, are listening to the members of the Parliament and councils of all levels, who are a part of the Coalition `People`s Power`, shouting `Yes! Yushchenko!`, `Away with Kuchma!`, and `Away with Fratsuz!` (Governor of the Volyn region).

In his speech, Volodymyr Bondar, head of the Volyn regional Yushchenko`s headquarters, MP, called people to set off for Kyiv to stand up for honest and democratic elections.

At the present moment, at the Lutsk Theater Square a tent city is being established enlisting those willing to leave for Kyiv today.

So far there were no calls for civic disobedience, strikes or riots. Students are called not attend the classes; workers will attend the square after the end of the workday. Bondar addressed the law-enforcers requesting them to prevent use of force and reminded them of the oath given to the nation.