Today, the rally `For honest elections without falsifications` took place near CEC. It was organized by `Youth – hope of Ukraine` association. – informed by Maidan.

Participants of the rally have made public about one hundred the rudest violations that became known, first of all, thanks to Ukrainian independent web-sites.

Participants have expressed protests against interference by Russia into internal affairs of Ukraine, and have laid down solitaire with cards painted by Dmytro Ponomarchuk.

`Youth – hope of Ukraine` has performed on Friday the so-called information campaign `Elect the President in the Independence Square`.

About 500 pedestrians on Khreschatik street could improvise `voting` for their candidate. The results of `ballot` showed that 89,83% of Kievites and visitors of the city have chosen Victor Yuschenko. Victor Yanukovich was voted for by only 10,17%. This is substantially less than it was found at similar campaigns performed by `Youth – hope of Ukraine` before the first tour.

According to chairman of this organization Vadim Gladchuk, electoral HQ of V. Yanukovich had a plan to `lower` the rating of Yuschenko in Kiev down to 53%.

Source: IMI