At TEC #190 (133 electoral district in Mykolaiiv province) heads of the commission, with the help of policemen, eradicates journalists from polling stations. First of all, by resolution number 5, journalists of the `New Choice` newspaper Yuriy Shelazhenko and Natalia Skupeiko were deprived of the right to stay at the polling station. Then, journalist of `Ukraiina Moloda` Anatoliy Kostin was expelled from the polling station.

Journalist appeal against this decision of DEC in Kryvyi Rig district court.

Journalists are not allowed to work at electoral districts in Sumy province as well. In particular, they were representatives of `Viewpoint` newspaper and `Ukraiina Moloda`, as well as of some regional publications.

As it is stated by local journalists, filming is prohibited at those polling stations were a lot of people with detachment certificates come to. In particular, journalists of county newspaper `City A` (Sumy province) were prohibited to film at the district #50 of the territorial district 165. Police officer Ruslan Kuzmuk has motivated a refusal while referring to confidentiality of voting. Editor-in-chief at the same district was told that the Cabinet of Ministers has issued an order, by which is has limited access of journalists to information, in particular, to video and photo shooting.

However, the press-secretary of Central Electoral Commission Ms. Kazazhi has stated this to be untrue, and that CEC is trying to resolve such problems after it is informed about that.

Source: Media Center `Candidate`