In Lviv province, at Territorial Electoral Commission (TEC) # 127 (town of Skole) international observers have found 150 bulletins with marks opposite the name of candidate V. Yanukovich. District commission has recognized these bulletins null and void.

In the City of Kiev, TEC # 76, members of the District Electoral Commission fail to sign bulletins. At TEC # 223, 62 members of the commission issue bulletins without detaching control cards.

In Dniepropetrovsk province, at TEC #30, DEC #12 (city of Dnieprodzerzhinsk) it was found that people were receiving bulletins marked with somebody else’s names, and there were facts that a member of the DEC was putting a signature himself, instead of voters.

In Odessa province in TEC #143, district #45 (village of Protopopivka, Odessa province) members of the District Electoral Commission (DEC) have issued to a voter who did not produce any document, a voting bulletin. In addition, according to member of the DEC #45 Mr. Ruchko, there is full disorder happening at this district polling station. Members if the DEC and even official observers issue voting bulletins to voters.

Source: Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU)