Chair of the Board of The Voters’ Committee of Ukraine Mr. Igor Popov stated at his interview to the press that the news coming to the VCU remind `news from the front-line`. He continued that several thousands of voters could not vote because some of the polling stations did not start their work on time. Popov also gave some examples of violations. In particular, in Lugansk region, the managers of Polling Station Commission # 43 (Electoral District 116, city of Stakhanov) prohibited the journalists of newspapers `Luganchany` and `Nezalezhnist` to enter the Station. When asked by the observer Irina Kozachenko about the reason why the journalists were not allowed into the Station, one of the Commission members answered: `Because this was the decision of the HQ of Victor Yanukovich`. When reminded that this was a breach of the law he replied: `Everything will be the way it was defined in the HQ! In addition, this was also an instruction from the Central Electoral Commission`.

In Sumy Territorial Electoral District # 135 of the city of Trostyanets, the Head of Trostyanets Regional State Administration Mikola Berezin and the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Grigoriy Dashutin tried to take the video camera from the observer representing Mr. Yushchenko’s team.

Source: `Candidate` Media-Center