CVU has reported new violations and interference with election process, including criminal offence. In Transcarpathian province, at district #12 of the electoral district #71 located in the town of Mukachevo, 15-20 mobsters have beaten journalists of `Stary Zamok` newspaper and `Tribuna` newspaper. At the district #71 of the same district, in the village of Klachanove, three cars VAZ 2109 of dark-green color came with six passengers who have beaten the journalist of `Stary Zamok` Andriy Zelenko, and stolen a video camera from him.

In Cherkassy province at the electoral district #17198 four unknown persons have crashed into voting room, and with the words `You vote for Yuschenko here, eh!` have broken ballot boxes and poured them with ink. After that, they disappeared quickly.

In Sumy, there was an assault of the polling station #28 (TED #280) which has started with throwing false bulletins into ballot boxes, and this fact was spotted by observers. After that, cars came to the polling stations, 10-12 persons jumped out of them in masks and with sticks. After breaking into the polling stations, they shouted: `Freeze!` and broken the ballot boxes. Only one member of DEC dared to stop them, ad was also hit. After crashing ballot boxes, the guys jumped into cars and vanished. Voting was stopped after that. Now, the voting has continued, but only one ballot box is used which remained intact.

Source: Committee of Voters of Ukraine