During the briefing at the Central Electoral HQ of Mr. VictorYanukovich, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Valeriy Konovaliuk informed that the preliminary outcome of the parallel poll would be announced after the copies of the Protocols signed by the Heads of Territorial Electoral Commissions would have been received in the electronic format, the HQ of V. Yanukovich inform.

The previous information is based on the outcome of the exit polls and will be made public after 8 p.m., when the polling stations have been closed and in a few hours the preliminary outcome will be announced, though it certainly may be different form the final outcome.

The HQ continues working on preventing the oppositions’ insinuations regarding the outcome of the poll. Mr. Yanukovih’s HQ is stating again that the only authority entitled to record the outcome of the elections is the CEC.

Source: Central HQ of Mr. Yanukovich