Dniepropetrovsk Oblast has 2 million 500 thousand of the `votes`. The official instruction is: 1 million 500 thousand votes must be given for the candidate representing the incumbent authorities. But the real situation is that the vote should rather be fifty-fifty. There was a turning point after the first round: Dniepropetrovsk Oblast inhabitants stopped fearing and started looking for the like-minded persons and supporters when communicating among each other. The problem in the region was that the HQ of both Yushchenko and Yanukovich `were making tough and simple propaganda rather than talking to the people`. The problem of the Russian language and introduction of the two official languages in the region was a separate and a very painful issue during the campaign.

Source: Public Press-Center `IG KuPol` with support of Social-Humanitarian Consortium `Genesa` and Center of Political Research