The Committee of Voters of Ukraine has recorded the interference of the outsiders in the electoral process, in particular, at Khmalmitskiy Oblast. The officials from the City Executive Committee can be often seen near a number of the polling stations in Kamyanets Podilskiy.

In Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, at Territorial Electoral District #16 (Naddvirnyanskiy region, Delyatin Settlement) some persons who were showing the ID’s of correspondents of Lugansk cable TV network` showed up at the Polling Station Electoral Commission. Later on the CVU observers found out that the ID’s were stamped with faked seals (having no registration or identification code, etc.). These journalists, as the Commission members witness, started impeding the SC members’ work and preventing the voters from voting. Several timed they attempted to video-film some of the voters when voting in the booth. The groups are equipped with high quality video recording equipment.

Source: CVU