After 5 p.m. several dozens of buses with rapid response units of militia `Bars` in them approached the CEC. `The law enforcement officers say that they are following the orders of Mr. Bilokon`, a correspondent of Channel 5 informs. According to her, the CEC members are not aware on armored vehicles and other equipment next to the Central Electoral Committee building. According to the Channel, the are no armed people in the CEC, `they surrounded the CEC and are doing nothing so far`. According to the `Ukrainian Choice` data, around 30 buses with Militia in them are in the CEC internal yard.

In addition, there are several fire trucks, ambulances and anti-explosive service trucks in the CEC internal yard. About 10 more buses with Militia officers in them are on the territory of the Aquatic Center under construction behind the CEC building.

On the same time, starting from 6 p.m. buses with Rapid Response troops in them have been arriving to the Presidential Administration. Three of them are in the yard of Luteranska Street, other three are near the House with Chimeras and at least two are in the internal yards of the building on Bankova street. Most of the officers are sitting in the buses and some of them are hiding in the porches.

Source: Institute of Mass Information