In the city of Donetsk, in a number of polling stations in electoral territories #41 and 61 voting bulletins were finished in two hours before the end of elections, `Candidate` Media Center reports.

At 18.00, this happened in 42, 54, 56, 57, 58 70, 71 polling stations of the district #41 where there were lines of voters who could not vote.

Authorized representative of the candidate for the president’s office Victor Yuschenko Mr. Eugene Volkov believes this is not an ordinary falsification but rather an attempt to intentionally disrupt elections.

Till now, it is unknown what is the fate of two observers – Andriy Gavriluk and Valeriy Boichuk who came to Donetsk province form Ternopil and were kidnapped in the morning by suspicious looking man from 55th polling station of the district #41.

At 104th polling station of 56th electoral district (town of Mariupil, Donetsk province), bulletins were also finished.

Source: `Candidate` International Media Center