The most important now is not to let territorial and station electoral commissions be smashed out. This was stated by the leader of Mr. Yushchenko electoral campaign Olexander Zinchenko in his interview to the `Candidate` Media Center. According to him, Mr. Yushchenko’s HQ’s in the regions were instructed to cooperate with Militia and to persuade the law enforcement officers not to follow criminal orders. Standing on the stage on Maydan Nezalezhnosty, Zinchenko informed the people who gathered on the square about the outcome of the Exit Polls. Zinchenko emphasized that the victory is indisputable and called the supporters of the Candidate from the Opposition up to defend their voted and to defend their choice. Zinchenko said that the Exit-Polls show the trends. The final numbers may differ by 2 or 3 per cent but the gap will still be significant. Zinchenko expressed his hopes that this time the outcome would be made public sooner than after the first round.