Ministry of Home Affairs of Ukraine is not denying presence of its additional force in Kiev but is stating that there will be no coup d’etat during the second round of Presidential Elections, UNIAN found out from the PR Department of MHA of Ukraine.

It was reminded that yet yesterday the Department promulgated information on the meeting at MHA of Ukraine where the Minister of Home Affairs Mikola Bilokon and members of the College took part and the issues of ensuring the public order during the second round of Presidential Elections were discussed.

In particular, Mr. Bilokon stated at this meeting that the Ukrainians are to elect their President in a peaceful manner and the law enforcement officers are prepared to defend the citizens’ safety when executing their right to vote and to ensure the law and order in the society. Still, if any contingencies and violations of the public order occur, the Militia and Rapid Response Units of Home Affairs Force are undoubtedly capable of defending the citizens’ safety.

Yesterday, when speaking to the 1st Ukrainian TV Channel alive, M. Bilokon stated that the Home Affairs authorities during the second round would pay special attention to the main vital facilities of the State: Central Electoral Commission, Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and all Polling stations.

That is why, the PR Department of MHA of Ukraine stated we are informing the citizens that there will be no coup in Ukraine during the second round of the Presidential Elections without denying presence of additional Rapid Response Units of MHA in Kiev.