The politologists have forecasted three potential scenarios of the events in Ukraine after the second round. The politologists Vadim Karasyov, Olexiy Haran and Volodimir Fesenko say that it is very important to coordinate politics of both camps representing Victor Yushchenko and Victor Yanukovich after the elections. Because the social situation in Ukraine after the elections will be quite difficult, the politologist Fesenko states.

According to the politologist Karasyov, is Yushchenko wins, all his supporters should not fall into euphoria but resolve social problems. By the opinion of the politologist Haran, if Yushchenko wins, one of his major opponents, the incumbent Head of Presidential Administration Victor Medvechook can create a powerful opposition and, by the politologist’s opinion this opposition would be able to oppose to the President Yushchenko in a constructive manner, if Yushchenko is elected.

Also, the politologists urge both Yushchenko’s and Yanukovich’ camps to find the common grounds after the elections. This is the right way to avoid sabotage against the new Leader of the State and his opponent after the elections.

Source: Public Radio