The HQ of the Candidate to the President Victor Yanukovich state they are starting celebrating the victory of Victor Yanukovich in the regions. This was the statement of the Press Secretary Gennadiy Korzh. To confirm his words, the HQ used live broadcast from Zaporizhya and showed the festive meeting where the crowds were celebrating. Then Simpferopol was shown where the Chair of the Rada of Crimea talked to the crowds: `I am happy to inform you that Crimea voted for the single candidate Victor Yanukovich. The most important fact is that Crimean youth voted. Thus, Crimea proved that it has a political team`. The HQ also tried to have a live broadcast for the Governor of Kharkiv Yevgen Kushnariov but it did not work due to some technical problems. The live broadcast from other regions is also planned.

Source: Media Center `Candidate`