Recently the group of criminals has attacked the polling station #92 at Kirovograd. The UNIAN correspondent was the evidence of the accident, when she came to the station with the observers from candidate Yushchenko. The group of aggressive youngsters has broken the glass doors of the kindergarten where the station located, intruded inside and started to crush the furniture. The militiaman who was inside the station from the very beginning, took out the gun, aiming to stop the intruders. There were no shots. Only at that moment the group of 30 militiamen, who were staying at the street outside the polling station and staring the scene, came into action. After the short fight the intruders vanished.
About 50 militiamen are at the territory of the station now. There is no the entrance inside for the observers and journalists, but as the electoral committee member said to the UNIAN correspondent, whole ballots at the place, but the protocols are not completed at the moment.