CVU believes it inappropriate to announce results of the parallel vote count before the information from all polling stations is collected, the CVU representatives announced during the press conference in the information center `Presidential Day 2004`. Difference between the number of votes is less than 4%, and therefore falls within the fault range.
The voting results have already been received from 1451 polling stations, which is 96,6 percent of a total number of the sample polling stations.
Committee of Voters of Ukraine announce the November 21 elections the dirtiest election in the history of the independent Ukraine. `Regardless of who wins, the elections that took place on November 21 will stay the black mark on the reputation of Ukraine`, CVU stated.
After the results from all sample polling stations are collected, the CVU will publish the results of the PVT and will provide all interested experts with full information

Після отримання інформації з усіх виборчих дільниць вибірки КВУ опублікує дані паралельного підрахунку голосів і надасть повні дані всім зацікавленим експертам.