Ukrainian students, you are addressed by the civic momvement `Clean Ukraine`. Defend your choice, your future, your life! - These are the key points of the press release of the `Clear Ukraine`.
Our goal is victory of democracy in Ukraine, recognition of real election results and announcements of the victory of Viktor Yushchenko, the President, elected by the people.
Our actions are to stand up for our right for worthy life by all possible nonviolent means allowed by the law. We will protect our common choice, as it is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine, we will protect the Constitution and the Law threated by the actions of the criminal actions the power of Kuchma-Yanukovych.
We call every citizen who is not indifferent to take part in the mass actions of insuborditionation to the regime, namely, in rallies, demonstrations, strikes, which will be taking place in the framework of the action `Freedom Will Not Be Stopped!` We will win together!
To fulfill our requirement, on Tuesday, November 23, a termless national student strike will begin.