On November 22, in Kharkiv, MP Anatoly Matvienko, head of the Kharkiv regional Yushchenko headquarters, announced that he has addressed the regional public prosecutor Vasyl Synchuk and head of the Kharkiv regional department of the Security Service of Ukraine Serhy Sytnyk with a request to urgently investigate in interference of the regional state administration in the elections, UNIAN annouced.
Commenting his address, Matvienko told UNIAN that Ushchenko`s headquarters had information that the regional state administration operated the falsification of the elections in the Kharkiv region. Among the falsification mechanisms Matvienko mentioned absentee mandates, mobile voting and voting in the hospitals.
All frauds were coordinated by a so-called coordinating department in the regional state administration and there is information about its head, Matvienko claims. He specified that 100 percent of frauds were organized in support of Yanukovych.
Head of the Kharkiv regional Yushchenko headquarters also drew attention of the public to the so-called `roundabout`, when at first clean paper was dropped into the ballot boxes which was lated exchanged for ballot papers, as well as to the `dead soul` voting.
MP Matvienko states that the head of the regional state administration Evhen Kushnariov instructed his subordinated in the following manner: to do everything what they are told to do and not to be afraid of anything since `even if Yushchenko wins the elections, he will never become the President`.