Observers from Mission of the Institute of the Eastern European Countries and CIS believe the elections in Ukraine to be legitimate and meeting the requirements of the international law, mission representative Emil Shleimovych told today UNIAN.

Among the violations listed by the mission were mass violations of identification of voters during handing out of ballot papers. Observers believe this fact resulted in double voting and `dead soul` voting. Shleimovych pointed out to the fact that such violations mostly took place in the Western and Central regions of Ukraine.

Besides, the official observers pressed by members to the polling station and territorial commissions in all regions of Ukraine but Odesa region.

Also, the mission observers announced there was quite a big number of cases of campaigning during the election day, but the campaigning, according to Shleimovych, `was less visible and brutal in comparison with the first round of the elections`.

Shleimovych believes that a majority of the violations which took place in the second round of the elections were technical and did not influence the freedom of expression of people`s will. The mission representative believes that the executive authorities made a lot of efforts to avoid mistakes made during the first round of the election, in particular, made the lists of voters more accurate and improved operation of the election commissions. At that Shleimovych pointed out that an attempt to amend the legislation resulted in the fact that some voters were `desoriented and it is quite possible did not vote`. He also called the above-mentioned attempt `an attempt to infringe a process of preparation to the second round of the elections`.