The North, East, West and Centre of Ukraine voted for Yushchenko, reported Mykola Tomenko, member of Parliament of Ukraine, at the press conference in the Yushchenko campaign HQ. Moroz is second on the list of presidential candidates, yet in the Centre his votes were stolen.

Tomenko said, `Our lawyers and experts will compare our parallel vote counting results with the CEC’s outcome`.

Tomenko commented another peculiarity of the campaign. In his opinion, many national TV channels spread information about the split of the electorate. However, the parallel vote count proved that Yushchenko won in 17 regions, that makes 2/3 of Ukraine’s regions. Therefore, forcing the information of interethnic opposition is absolutely ungrounded, stressed Tomenko.

He emphasized that, as soon as it became evident that the outcome of the election is not going to be in favour of Viktor Yanukovych, CEC postponed the vote counting. 32,5% minutes from Kiev have not been processed yet. The situation in Kyiv region as well as in Kirovohrad and Ternopil regions is quite similar.