Voting in the Ukraine’s presidential election has ended in the polling stations abroad. More than 63,000 Ukrainian citizens voted in the territorial district abroad, as Markiyan Lubkivskiy, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, informed the UNIAN. Vote counting and protocols processing are at the final stage. As of 19:00 (local time), there were neither lines, nor crowds of people at the polling stations in Washington, New York and San Francisco, according to the information provided by the Embassy and General Consulates in the USA. Everyone who showed up voted. The Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its gratitude to all Ukrainian citizens who worked at the polling stations abroad.
According to CEC, 61% of ballots processed in the election district abroad. Viktor Yushchenko is winning with 53.4% of votes, whereas 37.32% of voters abroad supported Viktor Yanukovych.