Head of the electoral headquarters of Victor Yanukovich Sergey Tigipko declares that he is astonished by statement of Yuschenko about his rating, as reported by `Candidate` Media-Center.

`Exit-polls gave a multicolored picture of interviewing voters. I have data of four leading sociology centers. Razumkov center demonstrates that Yuschenko has 44% against 36,8% of Yanukovich. `Socis` and `Social Monitoring` centers believe that Yanukovich has 42,65%, and Yuschenko – 38,35%. Ukrainian Institute of Social Research provides data that Yanukovich has obtained 43% of votes, and Yuschenko – 39%. It is interesting that Yuschenko states about acquiring over 60% of votes. At the same time, his HQ, by parallel count, is declaring 51% in favor of their candidate. However, Razumkov center just gives 44% to him. Difference in date is 15%`, Tigipko noted.

He believes that `members of Yuschenko’s team has to agree with each other in some way`.