In particular, according to the observer from Ukrainian presidency candidate Victor Yuschenko, in one polling station, votes were already counted, minutes compiled and signed by members of electoral commission, but not yet sealed. At that time, one of the police officers inside polling station has opened entrance door and let six persons in. One of the guys came to chairmen and started negotiations with him. To the question of one of observers about who where these people, he answered, that they were trustees. At that moment, an observer from Yuschenko commenced videotaping of the guys. After that, the guys tried to grab the camera, got bags with bulletins, dropped outside, jumped into cars and disappeared. As it was found at once, chairman of the commission, deputy chairman and a secretary have also disappeared from the polling station. Stamps have disappeared together with them. The observer informs that three representatives of the media, about 20 representatives of the commission and several observers have stayed at the station. They keep minutes of elections meetings with signatures of members of the commission without seals. Reported by Public Radio.