Police of Kamyanets-Podilskiy arrested journalist who was trying to take video of how ballot boxes were carried to the building of district state administration, instead of the territorial electoral commission, where the ballots have to be counted. The arrested journalist is kept in police. A lawer and the repesentative of the `Our Ukrairne` local HQ, are trying to free the journalist.
At the same time, territorial electoral commission #55 of Mariupol eceltoral district has decided to ban video coverage of polling stations. The decision was taken after numerous violations were recorded on video. According to the information Petro Shmachkov, the head of Yuschenko HQs in Mariupol, the protocols of the decision were not given to the representatives of the Yuschenko regional HQs. For this reason there is no possibility to appeal a wrongful decion of the territorial electoral commission in court.