Yuschenko takes the lead in the west, center and north of Ukraine. Yanukovich is ahead in the south and east. Data of Ukrainian Institute for Social Research.

According to information of exit-poll interviews managed by director of Ukrainian institute of Social Research Alexander Yaremenko, 86,1% have voted for Yuschenko in the west of Ukraine, 8.8% - for Yanukovich. In the Central region, opposition leader has received 53,1% of votes, the incumbent Prime-Minister – 26,6%. Voters of the north of Ukraine have traditionally supported Victor Yuschenko. 52,9% have voted for him, 21, 3% for his rival. In the east, Crimea and south of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich has received receive votes of 21,3% of voters. In the east of Ukraine Yanukovich was supported by 69,8%, Victor Yuschenko – by 11,7%. Southern Ukraine was also more favorable to Victor Yanukovich. Here, he collected 56% of votes. Victor Yuschenko twice as few – 22,7%. Unlike south and east of Ukraine, in Kiev, 68,2% of voters have supported Victor Yuschenko. Victor Yanukovich has received votes of 14,6%.