The Voters Committee of Ukraine (the VCU) has announced information on violations during today’s elections. VCU stated that there were instances when observers were not admitted to the polling stations (this happened in Luhansk region with observer representing the presidential candidate Mr. Chernovetsky). There are instances of exclusions of the members of the electoral committees. For example, there were many instances in Zaporizhzhia region of exclusions of the members from the electoral committees that were representing the candidate Mr. Yuschenko

Based on the information of VCU, there are violations related to the ballots. For example, in Vinnytsia region, there was a massive throw-in of ballots and law-enforcement offices have refused to detain the person responsible for this. In Volyn region, in village Byhiv of the Lubeshiv rayon the members of the polling stattion No.211 of the Manevytsky regional election district are handing out the ballots with the mark `dropped out` against the name of the candidate Mr. Brodsky.

There are also instances of intervention of outside people into the voting process. The people in civilian clothe having marked `Security of civil order` as well as representatives of militia are present at all polling stations in Zaporizhzhia region. The metal fence surrounds the premises of the district electoral commission.
The entrance to the district electoral commission is being guarded by the cossacks that have firearms and whips.

The secrecy of the ballot is being violated in Sumy (local agrarian university) – the cabins for voting are closed and people are forced to vote just right after they receive the ballot at the eyes of the members of the polling station.

There is demonstration of voting by the organized groups of voters. The 600 people with voter transfer certificates (from Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkov) have arrived to the polling station No.31, Kyiv region (Territorial Electoral District No.91). There are 1500 voters at the polling station. The secretary of the polling station Mr. V. Muntian has informed us about it. The bus with 20 people, that represent the rayon Pension Fund and rayon Department of agriculture is driving by the villeges of Cvitlovodsk rayon of the Kirovograd region. These people have the voter transfer certificates in their hands.

Stakhanov, territorial electoral district 116, polling station 40, Luhansk region, Molodogvardiysk, territorial electoral district 108, polling station 79. It has been known by the 11 a.m. that two travelling groups are voting in the region based on the voter transfer certificates. This group has been seen in the city of Stakhanov. The group of miners, many of which were drunk, has been also seen in the Molodogvardiysk. Based on the information, which was obtained by the VCU, these drunk miners voted at polling station No.79

There were fixed other violations. Luhansk region, territorial electoral district 108, polling station 48. Official observers and representatives of mass-media were not allowed to the polling station, which is located at the regional oncology clinic. The reason for that was that the observers did not have the exchangeable slippers. Out of the 570 patients, which are located at the clinic, 470 are those who do not walk and they vote at the place of their location. Three doctors – members of the electoral commission, are delivering the ballot box from room to room. Zakarpattia region. Chancellor of the University Mr. Rusyn (representative of Mr. Yunukovytch in Zakarpattia region) did not vote due to the fact he was not included into the list of voters and polling station No. 7 officials of the district No.70 did not allow him to vote. The Voting Committee of Ukraine presented this information to the `Gromadske Radio`