Head of the Cherkassy Regional Voters Committee Maxim Mykhlyk informed UNIAN that 25% of voters had already showed up at polling stations. Voters Committee activists report high attendance of voters. According to their estimates, attendance fluctuates between 10% and 50%. On average, as of 1 p.m. attendance in the Cherkassy oblast exceeded 25%. According to Mr. Mykhlyk, members of the Regional Voters Committee have already registered a number of violations, most of which are related to the voters lists. Many voters did not find their last names in the lists prepared by the electoral district commission. Voters Committee activists have also registered numerous cases of mistakes in voters’ last names that disallowed voters from voting. Mr. Mykhlyk also said, local courts are flooded with citizens’ complaints. Mr. Mykhlyk notes low activity of courts in processing such complaints. He says, complainants have to wait for court’s decision up to two hours, but it does not guarantee the court’s decision will be in favor of a complainant. Such courts often send complainants to the Territorial Electoral Commission.