On the eve of the elections Head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Rivne oblast, Andriy Melnichenko, addressed oblast’s inhabitants with an appeal. In the appeal it is noted that Presidential Elections in Ukraine is a historic event of the national and international significance, that is why it is understandable that electoral campaign for the law-enforcement agency’s employees is not a vacation time. The police in Rivne will fulfill its duty to protect public order during the elections with due responsibility and is ready to live up to any arising challenge. The police will do its best to prevent any attempt at disruption of normal tempo of life and the rest of citizens. The police is operating in medium security mode and its staff are protecting polling stations.

Apart from this, all emergency services and agencies of the Rivne oblast are also working in medium security mode. Any minute they are ready to prevent any emergency as well as to protect population and territory from possible disasters. Office clerks are also ready along with rescue teams. Heads of all departments and members of a special mobile team are working on Sunday. As Viktor Symoniuk, acting Head of Department, said, such measures are rather traditional instruments than are related to elections. `We are always in medium security mode during celebrations and public events. This is a similar situation. Although no natural or man-caused calamities are envisioned, and upheavals, predicted by certain political forces, seem to be not serious, we are ready for all of this, just to be on the safe side`, said Mr. Symoniuk.