According to Mr. Kivalov, there is nothing extraordinary in the work of Central Electoral Commission. `CEC did not ask any law-enforcement bodies to strengthen the protection` – he commented, answering the question of the journalists on the issue why there are so many military force near the CEC.

During the briefing Sergiy Kivalov contacted the heads of some territorial electoral commissions through the terminals of video-communication in order to receive the current information on violations, the voting process and on problems that arise. The Head of the Territorial Electoral Commission No.12 (Vinnytsia region) has informed that out of 147 thousand voters more than 26 thousands (18%) have already voted. He has also stated that the major problems are mistakes in the lists of voters and this is a ground of 270 complaints filed to the TEC.

Mr. Kivalov was also asked to contact TEC No.140 in Odessa region, where, according to the information of journalists, people in the militia form have beaten the head of the electoral commission, which was appointed from the candidate mr. Yuschenko. However, this turned out to be impossible, as this commission does not have a video connection terminal. There are 54 such video terminals at all electoral commissions in Ukraine, according to Mr. Kivalov (whereas there are 225 districts and 33101 polling stations in Ukraine overall).