Voters Committee of Ukraine reports new violations at polling stations:

1) observers not allowed at polling stations

In district #102 (Kirovograd oblast), at polling station #152 (the village of Pidvysoke), head of the local electoral commission did not allow to show voters’ lists to observers. Figures that were revealed substantially differed: the head of the commission announced 1602, whereas the secretary pointed to 1002. Electoral commission members also pointed to the different numbers of voters, who had already voted.

2) readiness of polling stations for voting

In the Kharkiv oblast at polling station #124 (electoral district #180) ballots are given to voters without passports, whereas at polling station #77 (electoral district #197) (the village of Ruska Poliana) the electoral district commission sent 600 ballots without identification number designated for emergencies, instead of 900 missing ballots. Commission members are personally noting identification numbers on 600 ballots.

3) violations related to voting ballots

In the Sumy oblast at Frunze Factory (Sumy) the workers were given ballots with already noted candidate and were ordered to vote with exactly those ballots. The ballots were distributed by shop superintendants.

4) voting of organized groups of voters

Deputy head of the Volyn state oblast administration Stepan Rodych personally took a group of people (approximately 30 persons) to polling station #35 (electoral district #22) (Volyn oblast) so that they could vote there with voter transfer certificates. This polling station was also visited by Volodymyr Panchyshyn, first deputy head of the Volyn state oblast administration.

In the Kyiv oblast 600 persons with voter transfer certificates arrived at polling station #31 from Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkiv. The polling station is for only 1500 voters. It is expected that ballots may run out for voters registered at this polling station, said Mr. Muntian, secretary of the station #31 electoral commission. The voting of persons with voter transfer certificates was prevented by the head of the Bila Tserkva city organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Mr. M. Pshenik. `Persons from Donetsk`, accompanied by Mr. Pshenik, departed for other polling stations.