During the work of interviewers of exit-polls uncountable and insignificant problem situation arise, which do not have threatening character. Based on the reports of Consortium of Ukrainian Sociological Organizations headed by the Fund Democratic Initiatives and the Head of Ukrainian Exit Poll Olexander Yaremenko, the work of interviewers at the first part of the day had no major criticisms. However, there were reported some instancs of violations.

At one of the Kyiv polling stations the head of the commission asked the interviewers to keep out of the polling station on the distance of 100 meters, justifying it by the provisions of the Law of Ukraine `On the Election of the President of Ukraine`. Same instances were reported in other polling stations of Ukraine.

In Lviv interviewers of the Center Social Monitoring started their work with delay due to the voting of some young skinheads. Their work started only after these people voted and left the polling station.

Overall, the exit-polls of Ukrainian sociologists held positively.