The information regarding the violations of the election legislation, reported by the observers and voters arrives to the central electoral headquarters of the candidate for the position of the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovytch. For example, in Odessa region, in the cities of Bolgrad, Reni, Artsyz the list of voters was compiled incorrectly, around 10% of voters turned out to be missing. The same situation has been reported in other polling stations of Odessa, for example on the polling station No.64. In Podil rayon city of Kyiv on the polling station which is located on the 9-A Osypovskogo street, the large number of voters are not included into the list of voters.
In Sevastopolon the polling station No.28 seven residents of Eastern Ukraine were attempting to vote using the voter transfer certificates, in which the listed information on the individual did not coincide with the information intheir passports. They were denied in voting.