Press service of the Transcarpathian regional headquarters of Presidential Candidate Viktor Yuschenko reported an incident in the village of Luchky, where voting at polling station #51 was observed by an official international observer, Georgian MP Grigol Maharadze. At about 1 p.m. people in two ‘Jeeps’ came up to the polling station. Among them was deputy of the Mukachevo district council Volodymyr Paulio, who announced that international observer Grigol Maharadze has no right to be present at the polling station. He explained that by the fact that Mr. Maharadze had not been registered in the district territorial electoral commission. The visitors did not react to the observer’s assertion that he has a certificate from the Central Electoral Commission. There followed an oral argument between Maharadze and Paulio. During the argument one of Paulio’s companions kicked Maharadze and ousted him from the polling station premises. Source: Press service of the ‘Our Ukraine’ Bloc