The majority of the respondents – journalists think that breaking up of elections is possible and insecurity of breaking up elections the journalists connect primarily with Leonid Kuchma, Victor Medvedchuk and their surroundings, as reported by the Fund Democratic Initiatives.

The most unbiased and objective mass media, which light on the election campaign the majority of the respondent journalists recognized as:

among tv channels – `5-th channel`
among newspapers – `Mirror Weekly`
among journals – `Korrespondent`
among radiochannels – `Gromadske radio`
among Internet-sites – `Ukrainska pravda`

The majority of respondent journalists recognized as being the most biased and subjective the following mass media which light on the election campaign:

among tv channels – `1 plus 1` and `Inter`
among newspapers – `2000`
among radiochannels – `1-st channel of Ukrainian radio `
among Internet-sites – `ForUM `, `Temnik`

Sergey Rahmanin is recognized as a journalist to which people tend to believe in lighting on the election campaign, and Viacheslav Pihovshek was recognized as a journalist which is using the dirtiest methods during the election campaign.

Volodymyr Polohalo and iryna Bekeshkina were named as analysts to which journalists tend to believe in analyzing the election campaign. And as the least respectable analyst was named Mykhailo Pogrebynsky.