Violations, detected by observers from Viktor Yanukovych, are of systemic character, said at the briefing in the press center of central headquarters of Presidential Candidate Viktor Yanukovych Stepan Gavrysh, Yanukovych’s authorized representative in the Central Electoral Commission.

According to Mr. Gavrysh, there are cases of throwing ‘blank’ ballots into ballot boxes as well as attempts to restrict access of citizens, not included into voters’ lists, to polling stations. The latter concerns not only those who arrived from other regions, but also those, whose names were not included into voters’ lists due to negligence of electoral commissions. These citizens faced big difficulties.

Unfortunately, one more typical violation is the restriction of access of observers from Viktor Yanukovych to immediate observation of the voting process. More than 30 thousand cast ballots were detected, where the stamp ‘dropped out’ was marked against the names of such candidates as Brodsky, Rogozhynsky and Dushin. The most such ballots were detected in the Rivne oblast.

Source: Central Electoral Headquarters of the Presidential Candidate Viktor Yanukovych